There are two ferry routes between the mainland and Sado Island: Niigata–Ryotsu and Naoetsu–Ogi.The main events at EC are held in and around Ogi in southern Sado Island.
From Tokyo, you can travel by bullet train to Joetsu Myoko Stn., take a bus or taxi to Naoetsu Port, and then travel by high-speed ferry to Ogi.
Alternatively, you can travel by bullet train from Tokyo to Niigata, take a bus or taxi to Niigata Port, and take a car ferry or jet foil to Ryotsu, which is one hour by car from Ogi.

Please see the Sado Kisen website for ferry timetables, prices, ticket reservations, and boarding procedures, etc. Ferry times are subject to change, so please check for updates.

Regular Final Daily Service Timetable

Depart Ryotsu Port 19:30 -> Arrive Niigata Port 22:00 (car ferry/2h 30m)

Depart Ogi Port 16:30 -> Arrive Naoetsu Port 18:10 (high-speed car ferry/1 h 40m)