Vocal Workshop : Songs of Amami Island with Arisu Sato

The island songs born and passed down from the Amami Islands are distinct among the folksongs of Japan. Arisu Sato, one of the leading singers of the next generation explains these songs with performance. Participants will have the opportunity to experience singing these songs themselves. Those who want to sing and those who just want to listen are all welcome.

Date & Time

Aug. 19 (Sun) 14:00-16:00


Arisu Sato


Ayusu Kaikan Hall


40 people


3,000 yen

Instructor bio

Arisu Sato

Hailing from Amami Oshima, she is currently 24 years old and began learning island songs at the age of four, influenced by her older brother. In 2004 she won the Newcomer’s Award at the Amami Folksong Contest, and in middle school she won the top award for three years in a row at the Amami Folksong and Folkdance Youth Tournament. In 2010, when she was in her junior year of high school, she was awarded the grand prize at the Amami Folksong Competition. This was a record-breaking feat for the youngest performer to win the award since Chitose Hajime won in 1996. She released her self-titled album Arisu in March, 2012.

Harbour Market Live “Amami Night ~ The Echo of the Island” (8/18)


Instructions given in Japanese only

Transportation to the venue

Ayusu Kaikan Hall is located about a 10-minute walk from Marine Plaza Ogi (EC Information Centre). There will be no shuttle bus to the venue.

Ticket orders

Tickets will go on sale on June 15 (Fri) beginning at 9:30. For details, click here.

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