Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival 2018

Just as the present connects the past with the future, this art festival was created to connect the art culture of the world with the island of Sado. Please enjoy the various exhibits and art events we have planned all around the different regions of Sado.

By investigating the nature and history of Sado as well as the folklore and legends from the region, we hope to offer a new creative space with influences from within and beyond the island, and create a “galaxy” of glimmering aesthetics.


The Arrival Port for the Past and Future

Exhibit Period

First half: Aug. 10 (Fri) ~ 26 (Sun)
Second half: Sept. 28 (Fri) ~ Oct. 14 (Sun)


Multiple sites within Sado (Ryotsu region, Niibo region, Washizaki region, Iwayaguchi region, Mushizaki region, Iwakubi region, etc.)



Participating Artists

Artist’s Name (Birthplace/Residence) *alphabetical order

Charles Munka(France Lyon/Sado Island)
Deaf Puppet Theater Hitomi(Kanagawa/Kanagawa)
Eijirou Okuno(Sado Island/Sado Island)
Ethan Estess(USA/USA)
Hideaki Honma(Sado Island/Sado Island)
juji(Kyoto/Sado Island)
Kaori Toda(Sado Island/Sado Island)
Kenji Oyama(Okinawa/Okinawa)
Morito Yoshida(Sado Island/Sado Island)
Sado art brut(Sado Island/Sado Island)
Syoin Kajii(Niigata/Sado Island)
Yayoi Deki(Osaka/Osaka)
Yuki Matsuzaki(Sado Island/Niigata)

Official site



Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Committee


Resounding Island. SADO Project Information Office
Tel. 050-5305-5135 (10:00-17:00 / Weekday)

Operating period: May 16 (Wed) ~ Oct. 14 (Sun)
※We will be operating from 10:00~19:00 during Aug. 10 (Fri)~26 (Sun) as well as on weekends and holidays.

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