Niigata Taiko Teams

Niigata Taiko Teams

We launched a new initiative this year to get more taiko players in Niigata Prefecture involved in EC, helping us bring even more local flavor and good vibrations to the festival. Four teams answered our call to join in and we can’t wait to welcome them to EC 2022!
Each team will perform their own set on the Fringe stage at Kisaki Shrine, so you can enjoy their unique repertoire. On Aug. 20, three out of the teams will join Kodo on the Harbour Concert main stage to perform Kodo One Earth Music piece “Haruka." It’s going to be a wonderful collaboration!
(*Updated 8/4)

  • Taiko teams based in Niigata Prefecture
  • Aug. 20 (Sat) 10:00, Aug. 21 (Sun) 10:00
  • Kisaki Shrine Fringe Stage

Event Details

Aug. 20 (Sat) 10:00, Aug. 21 (Sun) 10:00
Kisaki Shrine Fringe Stage
Taiko teams based in Niigata Prefecture

Introducing the Niigata Taiko Groups Joining Us for EC 2022!

Get to know the teams by reading their self introductions below, then come and cheer them on!

Koshiwa Daiko
We are Koshiwa Daiko. Our group is now in its 34th year. We want to use the power of taiko to liven up Niigata, our home prefecture. We have 26 members who love taiko and festivals and we all strive to give performances that delight our audiences.
For all of our members, it feels like a dream knowing that we will be able to appear on the hallowed Earth Celebration stage. There will be nine of us at EC, bringing the passion of the entire team with us. We’re going to have the best time with you all!

Sumiyoshi Ushio Taru-bayashi Anetaru
We are a taru-daiko (barrel drum) performance group from Sumiyoshi on Sado Island. In our village, only boys can take part in onidaiko (demon deity drum dances), a traditional folk art performed by men. In 1993, people in our community were calling out for a performing art for girls to do, which led to the start of our group. Nowadays, we accompany the onidaiko troupe as it goes from door to door to perform during Sumiyoshi’s biggest annual festival, Sumiyoshi Taisai. Taru-daiko has become an important performing art in our village.
We hope you’ll enjoy the jaunty sound of taru-daiko, the energetic children’s performance, and the adults showcasing a rainbow of unique drum strokes.

Niigata Bandai Daiko Karyu
Our group was formed in 2011, centered around Bandai Daiko, a folk performing art upheld in Niigata City. We are dedicated to studying and sharing wadaiko (Japanese drums) and shinobue (bamboo flutes) music, a time-honored part of Japanese culture. While keeping Japanese spirit at the heart of everything we do, we also enjoy incorporating new elements into our performances. Our activities are wide-ranging, both in Japan and overseas. We have given numerous international performances to date in countries including South Korea, China, the USA, Russia, and France. Along with our performance activities, we are also encouraging the next generation of Bandai Daiko children, leading shinobue groups, teaching, and composing new works.

Hakkai Taiko
Minami-uonuma City in Niigata Prefecture is surrounded by mountains, most notably, the beautiful Echigo Sanzan (The Three Mountains of Echigo). The closest of the three is sacred Mt. Hakkai. Our group, Hakkai Taiko, is based at the foot of Mt. Hakkai at Hakkaisanroku Ski Resort. It’s a carefree place to practice, surrounded by lush nature. We want to fill the ski slopes with smiling people, whether it’s amongst the winter snowscapes or during the green summer season. As we press forward with our activities, we hope that our taiko performances foster peace and continue to make people smile.