“Shiver” Outdoor Cinema Screening & Talk Show

“Shiver” Outdoor Cinema Screening & Talk Show

Film director Toshiaki Toyoda is a wizard: he took a catalog of music by bold contemporary musician Koshiro Hino and turned it into a spellbinding cinematic work, filmed entirely on Sado Island. The film features the Kodo ensemble, in a starring role for the first time, conjuring a rousing world of sound and imagery. We are excited to screen “Shiver” outdoors at EC 2022, coupled with a talk show with Toyoda, Hino, and Kodo, and a live performance by Kodo’s Kenta Nakagome and Yuta Sumiyoshi.
Immerse yourself in the world of “Shiver” in the perfect setting—on a summer’s night, under the stars by the sea, here on Sado Island.

  • Toshiaki Toyoda, Koshiro Hino, Kodo (Kenta Nakagome, Yuta Sumiyoshi)
  • Aug. 19 (Fri) Start: 19:00 / End: 21:00 (approx.)
  • Ogi Port Park Event Stage

Event Details

Aug. 19 (Fri) Start: 19:00 / End: 21:00 (approx.)
Venue Opens
Ogi Port Park Event Stage
Adults ¥2,500, Ages: 6–18 ¥800
*Preschoolers (ages 5 & under) receive free admission
All free seating
Toshiaki Toyoda, Koshiro Hino, Kodo (Kenta Nakagome, Yuta Sumiyoshi)
1,000 people (subject to change)
Ticket Availability
Tickets go on sale on June 15 (Wed) at 9:30 JST. See here for details.

Toshiaki Toyoda

Born on March 10, 1969, in Osaka. Toyoda made a debut in the film world in 1991, by scenario for “Ote” (Director Junji Sakamoto). Earned the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award on “Pornostar” where he debuted as a director. Also known for “Blue Spring”, “9 Souls”, “Hanging Garden”, etc.
In 2019, he released the short film, “Noroshi ga Yobu”, and published his autobiography “Hanbun Ikita”.
On April 11, 2020, he released a documentary film “Planetist” set in the Ogasawara Islands, and “The Day of Destruction” in the same year on July 24th.

Koshiro Hino

Band member and composer of the bands “goat” and “bonanzas”. In addition to the solo electronic music project YPY, Koshiro composes and directs the hybrid orchestra “Virginal Variations”, that fuses classical instruments and electronic sound; and a full-body sensory sound show called “GEIST”, that mixes many speakers and moving performers. He is also active in the ANTIBODIES collective established by Toshio Kajiwara and Yoko Higashino, and is in charge of music for the new stage “Kodokunorenshu” by the former Ishinha.
Owner of a cassette label, “Birdfriend”, that releases underground musicians from Japan and overseas; and label “Nakid”, that releases contemporary/electronic music.

(Photo: Katsumi Omori)


Exploring the limitless possibilities of the traditional Japanese drum, the taiko, Kodo is forging new directions for a vibrant living art-form. Since the group’s debut at Berliner Festspiele in 1981, Kodo has given over 6,500 performances in 53 countries on five continents. Many of these performances were held under the “One Earth” banner, a theme that embodies Kodo’s desire to transcend language and cultural boundaries, all while reminding their audiences of the common bonds we all share as human beings. The ensemble also participates in a wide range of projects and events, which includes headlining major international festivals, contributing to motion picture soundtracks, and collaborating with artists and composers from myriad genres. Kodo’s willingness to challenge preconceptions of music continues to produce startling new fusion and forms. The group’s creative activities, mission, and lifestyle based on Sado Island constantly garner attention from the global arts world and inspire artists in diverse fields.

(Photo: Katsumi Omori)