Ticket Reservations | Harbour Market Live

Ticket prices | On sale starting June 15 (Fri) 9:30

One-day tickets(Each day)  Adult(High school and over) 5,000 yen (Day-of purchases add 300 yen)
Elementary and Middle School 1,500 yen (Day-of purchases add 300 yen)
Three-day Pass 13,500 yen(Adult price only)  

Tickets can be purchased through the below methods.

(1) On-line Reservations

Kodo Ticket Reservation Site
[Operating hours: June 15 (Fri) 9:30 ~ Aug. 15 (Wed)]

(2) Phone Reservations

Please call Kodo Ticket Service. We will accept reservations as we confirm availability.

Tel. 0259-86-2330 (Mon~Fri 9:30~17:00)

[Operating hours: June 15 (Fri) 9:30 ~ Aug. 15 (Wed)]

(3) Purchase through Play Guide

Tickets are also available through the below Play Guide ticketing services. (You will receive a voucher for a ticket.)

[Outside Sado]
JR East Japan View Plaza, Lawson Tickets (Buyng with Loppi / L Code: 33313)

[On Sado] i-port Sado , Ogi branch, Hamochi branch, Amusement Sado, Sado Tourism Association, Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatako-kan) , Lawson Tickets (Buyng with Loppi / L Code: 33313).

About ticket sales

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ticket reservations will close when tickets have sold out.

About Wristbands and Vouchers

Venue Entry

For Harbour Market Live, entry will require wristbands, not tickets.

If you receive a voucher upon purchase, you must exchange the voucher for a wristband.

* Guests will not be permitted to enter with a voucher alone.

* Preschool-age children may enter for free. No wristband is needed.

* Your wristband is your proof of purchase. Please do not remove your wristband while inside the venue for the duration of the performance.

Wristband and Voucher Delivery Options

・If ordering through Kodo Ticket Service, wristbands will be mailed to you prior to the event. (For orders placed up to July 31.) Wristbands can also be picked up at any EC Box Office (for orders placed on or after Aug. 1).
・Orders placed through a convenience store (e.g. Seven Eleven) or other Play Guide service will receive a voucher. Please exchange your voucher for a wristband to enter the venue.

Wristband Sales and Voucher Exchanges during EC

During EC, wristbands can be picked up, purchased, or exchanged with a voucher at the below locations.

Aug. 17 (Fri) ~ 19 (Sun) 9:00~19:30 EC Box Office at Harbour Market

* Wristbands and exchanges will not be available at any other times.

About Payment

(1) For on-line reservations

Payments can be made at any participating convenience stores (Seven Eleven) or by credit card.

(2) For telephone reservations

Payments can be made through bank transfers.

Important Notice Regarding Tickets

We cannot process changes or cancellations after reservations and payments are complete.
Wristbands cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

About Cancellation Wait Lists

We do not have a wait list for cancellations. If payments are not completed on a reservation, the ticket automatically becomes available on-line for purchase. Please check for cancellations through the on-line reservation system, or call Kodo Ticket Service.

Questions and Reservations

Kodo Ticket Service

148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden Sado, Niigata 952-0611
Tel. 0259-86-2330 (Mon~Fri 9:30~17:00) Fax. 0259-86-3631 Email: ticket@kodo.or.jp

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