The EC 2022 English website is now open!

The Earth Celebration 2022 English website is ready! Thank you for your patience, everyone.

This year marks EC’s 35th anniversary. We’re looking forward to commemorating this special milestone with a lineup of exciting outdoor concerts. We have invited renowned guitarist MIYAVI as our main guest artist, who will appear at the Harbour Concerts along with leading shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma and, of course, Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble.
The 2022 programme also includes an outdoor cinema screening of “Shiver,” a spellbinding cinematic work featuring the Kodo ensemble in its first-ever starring role. At EC, the film will be accompanied by a talk show featuring director Toshiaki Toyoda, musician Koshiro Hino, and Kodo cast members, followed by a live performance.

From Niigata City, we will welcome Noism—the first dance company in Japan to have a theater residency—to lead workshops and to perform with Kodo. We have a fun range of workshops, activities, and free Fringe stage performances on offer to uplift and inspire people of all ages.

Save the dates and join us on Sado Island this summer! Let’s celebrate the Earth, EC’s 35th anniversary, and being able to come together again at long last!