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Harbour Concert Audience FAQ

What is an “audience area”?

The audience area is divided into three sections: Area SS (front), Area S (middle) and Area A (back), with different ticketing prices respectively. If you wish to sit in the area near the stage, please purchase Area SS or Area S tickets.

Harbour Concert Ticket AreasHarbour Concert Ticket Areas

What kind of seating will be available?

For the Harbour Concerts, Area SS and S ticket holders will be seated on the lawn and Area A ticket holders will be seated on chairs. *In Area SS and S, each person will be sitting on the lawn, so please bring a picnic mat or similar to sit on. Chairs are not permitted in this area. *In Area A, chairs will be provided. Please refrain from bringing your own folding chair. *Please let us know in advance if you will attend in a wheelchair or if you have any mobility issues.

Harbour Concert seatingHarbour Concert seating

Do we enter the venue in any particular order?

(Updated: June 10, 2024) The audience will enter the venue in numerical order, according to the number printed on each ticket. The numbers will be allocated in order of purchase. Ticket holders will be asked to meet at the concert venue entrance at the designated times listed below according to their ticket number. ■Meeting & Entry Times: [Area SS] Meet at 16:50, entry starts at 17:00 [Area S] Meet at 17:10, entry starts at 17:20 [Area A] Meet at 17:30, entry starts at 17:40 Please Note: *Ticket holders who arrive later than their allocated meeting time will generally be admitted to the venue as soon as they reach the entrance. If staff need you to wait to enter for any reason, please join the queue as directed. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. *All 1-Concert Passes and 3-Concert Passes will be numbered separately, starting from 1.

Entrance to Harbour ConcertsEntrance to Harbour Concerts

Will there be any buses running after the concerts?

The following EC Charter and Shuttle buses will depart from Ogi after each Harbour Market Concert: ・EC Charter Buses from to Ryotsu/Aikawa ・EC Shuttle Bus from Ogi to Sobama Please refer to Transport on Sado Island for further details. Please note that the Special Fringe Event “Ogi Okesa Dance Circle” will take place in Ogi after the Harbour Market Concert on Aug. 17 (Sat). Please enjoy the fringe event as long as time permits.

Are preschoolers allowed to attend the concerts?

Yes, preschoolers are welcome to attend with their parents/guardians. Children ages 0–5 do not require a ticket.

Will there be an intermission?

Yes, there will be a 20 minute intermission during each concert this year.

Will there be any refreshments available for purchase?

There will be refreshment stalls set up near the audience area. You can bring your own food and drinks to the concert, but for safety reasons, fragile items such as bottles or glass/ceramic cups and containers are prohibited. Also, please kindly refrain from drinking and eating while moving about the venue or dancing. We ask that all food and drink is consumed while you are in your seat. Trash cans and recycling bins are limited, so if possible, please take all your trash/recycling home with you. Thank you for your cooperation. If you use the trash cans inside the venues, please be sure to separate all of your trash into burnable, non-burnable, and the various types of recyclables.

Outdoor Events

Will the outdoor events/concerts be canceled if it rains?

Outdoor events (including the main stage Harbour Concerts) will proceed rain or shine. However, if the presenter deems a particular event cannot be held due to foreseeable danger or possible safety concerns due to the weather conditions, the event may be canceled or postponed. We appreciate your understanding in regards to any unexpected changes due to the above reasons.

Raining at concert

What should I bring?

Harbour Concerts In Area SS and Area S, the audience will be seated directly on the lawn to watch the concert. The lawn can get damp from dew or rain, so it is a good idea to bring a picnic mat or similar to sit upon. In Area A, chairs will be provided. Please refrain from bringing your own folding chair. Although it is mid-summer, it can get quite cold in the evenings on Sado so we recommend bringing long-sleeved clothing or a shawl. *You can bring your own food and drinks to the concert, but for safety reasons, fragile items such as bottles or glass/ceramic cups and containers are prohibited.

Outdoor Events (including Harbour Concerts) We also recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen, water/beverage to keep you hydrated, insect repellent and a raincoat (because umbrellas are prohibited during the concerts as they obstruct the view of others).

Outdoor Events (excluding Harbour Concerts) Folding chairs may be used, but please be considerate to those behind you not to obstruct their view. Please note that staff may ask you to move your chair to a different location to help others see or move around easily.

What should I do if I need first aid during a concert or event at EC?

If you need assistance during a Harbour Concert, please alert the staff at the first-aid tent located at the rear of the venue.. If you need assistance at other locations or times, please visit the EC Info Center or ask a EC staff member nearby. In case of emergency, please dial 119 for an ambulance.

Can I bring my pet to the concert?

Pets are not allowed to enter the Harbour Concert and Shiroyama Park Session venues. (Service dogs are welcome). Pets are allowed in other outdoor event areas, but must be kept on a leash at all times. Please be sure to clean up after your pets, and keep your pet from bothering other festivalgoers. If your pet is noisy during events, especially talks and performances, please move your pet away so it doesn’t disturb others.

Is camping allowed within the main EC event area?

Camping in Ogi Port Park/Harbour Market is prohibited. Camping is also not allowed in surrounding parks and open spaces as this will disturb the neighboring residents. Camping is available at designated campsites such as Sobama Campsite and Shiroyama Park Campsite.

Tickets FAQ

Where can I buy tickets for EC?

Before EC (Harbour Concerts / Workshops / Shiroyama Sessions) You can purchase all Harbour Concert ticket types (Area SS/Area S/Area A tickets/3-concert passes), Shiroyama Session and workshop tickets can be purchased online via the Kodo Ticket Reservation Site, or from Kodo Ticket Service by email. There are also other ticket outlets, but they will only sell Harbour Concert Area S and Area A tickets. Please Note: ・The numbering on the tickets will differ depending on the ticket outlet where the tickets are purchased. ・Printed tickets will be issued for Harbour Concerts and Shiroyama Park Sessions. For workshops, participants will receive a proof of purchase slip. Please bring it to the workshop. Staff will check your name on the participant list before you enter the venue. For further details, please see the Tickets page.

Handing out tickets

Before EC (All other events) Please refer to the webpage for each event for details about ticket sales.

During EC (All events) For the concerts and events listed below, you can purchase tickets or collect ticket orders at EC Info Centre (Marine Plaza Ogi). ・Harbour Concerts ・Workshops ・Shiroyama Park Sessions During EC, there will also be a Sado Experience Program Reception Counter at Marine Plaza Ogi, so please come here for registration and reservations for Sado Experience Programs.

Ticket Cancellations/Waitlists

・Changes and cancellations to ticket orders are not possible after payment has been received or processed. ・EC events do not have waitlists. If payment for a ticket order is not received in time, the ticket(s) will automatically become available for others to purchase online. Please check Kodo Ticket Service Reservation Site for availability or contact Kodo Ticket Service by email.

Lost Tickets

If you lose your tickets during EC (Aug. 16–18), please talk to the ticket staff at EC Info Centre (Marine Plaza Ogi). If you lose your tickets before EC, please contact EC via this contact form or email Kodo Ticket Service.

Will I receive a refund if the concert is canceled?

If the concert is canceled before the concert begins, you will receive a full refund. The refund method differs depending on your ticket and where you purchased it. If a concert is canceled, please pick up a “Ticket Refund Information for Canceled Concerts” flier from EC Info Centre and read the instructions carefully. Please Note: ・If a concert has to be canceled after it has commenced, refunds are not possible. ・If a concert is held, we cannot offer refunds related to transportation issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Info & Assistance During EC

Where can I go to get info at EC?

During the festival, there is a pop-up EC Info Centre at the Marine Plaza Ogi (1F). Feel free to stop by when you arrive in Ogi. At the Centre, you can: ・Purchase tickets/exchange ticket vouchers ・Receive the latest event information ・Register or inquire about Sado Experience Programs ・Find out about EC shuttle and charter buses ・Register/claim lost and found items

Marine Plaza1Marine Plaza1

When will EC Info Centre be open?

EC Info Centre will be open daily from Aug. 16 (Fri) from 9:00 until Aug. 19 (Mon) 11:00. Opening times will be as follows: ・Aug. 16 (Fri)–18 (Sun) 9:00–19:00 ・Aug. 19 (Mon) 9:00–11:00

Where can I get information about sightseeing on Sado at EC?

The South Sado Tourist Information Center is also located at Marine Plaza Ogi, so please pop in for info and to ask about sightseeing options. ・Sado Island Tourist Information ・Lodging and Access Information ・“Eco-dacchari” Battery-Assisted Bicycle Rental

What should I do if I have lost any personal items, or found items belonging to someone else?

Any found items will be kept at the venue where they were found for the rest of that day. They will be delivered to the EC Info Centre the next day. If you don’t know where you lost your item(s), please visit the EC Info Centre to register your lost item and check the lost and found register. Any items that are not claimed during EC will be handed to Sado Police after the festival.

Marine Plaza 2

Parking FAQ

Are parking spaces available?

There will be approximately 200 free event parking spaces near the main venue. Please feel free to drive to EC as there is plenty of parking.

For those travelling via car

Shopping & Food FAQ

Where can I buy EC and guest artist merchandise?

Official EC, Kodo, and guest artist merchandise will be on sale at EC Shop, located upstairs at Marine Plaza Ogi (EC Information Centre). *These items will also be available for purchase at the Harbour Concert venue during the evening concerts.

EC Shop

Where can I eat during EC?

There are food and beverage stalls at Harbour Market and Triangle Park, as well as shops and restaurants near and along the Ogi Shopping Street, which has extra stalls during the festival as part of its Earth Celebration Fair. If you buy takeout food or bring a picnic, you’ll find a covered dining area at Harbour Market, and you can sit on the lawn to eat at Triangle Park and Shiroyama Park.

Dining space at Harbour MarketDining space at Harbour Market

Are there ATMs at EC?

There are three ATM options in Ogi, all near the main EC venues. ・Ogi Post Office ATM (Accepts international cards)  ATM Hours: Weekdays 8:45–18:00, Sat. 9:00–17:00, Sun. 9:00–14:00 ・Daishi Bank Ogi ATM Corner  ATM Hours: Weekdays 8:45–19:00, Sat. 9:00–19:00, Sun. 9:00–19:00 ・JA Sado Ogi ATM  ATM Hours: Weekdays 8:00–20:00, Sat. 9:00–19:00, Sun. 9:00–19:00 There is also an ATM located at the Lawson convenience store in the neighboring town, Hamochi. (15-min. drive from Ogi) ・Lawson Bank ATM (Open 24/7, accepts international cards)

Do EC events and stalls accept credit cards or cashless payments?

Some do, but not all. We’ve made a list of the payment methods accepted at EC, excluding local shops. EC Ticket Counter (Marine Plaza Ogi): Cashless payments, credit cards, cash EC Shop (Marine Plaza Ogi): Cashless payments, credit cards, cash EC Shop (Harbour Concert Venue): Cash only Harbour Market and Triangle Park Stalls: Differs from stall to stall. Some stalls accept cash only. Also, there are not many stores in Ogi that accept credit cards and cashless payments, so we do recommend that you bring some cash with you.

Shopping at Harbour Market

Required Reading–Code of Conduct

Earth Celebration (EC) is made possible thanks to the cooperation and understanding of countless people in the local community. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy a comfortable, accident-free festival, so please follow the guidelines outlined below to help us achieve that goal. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco by anyone under the age of 20 is forbidden by law, as is the consumption of alcohol by anyone operating a motor vehicle. The possession of illegal substances is not tolerated at EC. Also, please refrain from illegal parking. Please refrain from playing drums and other instruments late at night in Harbour Market, campgrounds, and in parks and public spaces around town. Please avoid having large parties in public spaces, drinking in excess, and engaging in any activity that might otherwise disturb those around you. At Harbour Concerts, you and your party may be asked to leave the venue if your behavior becomes disruptive to others. Please understand that the EC Committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage to property, or theft that occurs at any of the EC event sites. Please look after your personal belongings and always keep valuables with you. Please help us keep Ogi Town and each EC venue clean and tidy. We ask that you properly dispose of all trash, and separate burnable, non-burnable and recyclable trash.The number of trash receptacles at the EC venues and other EC events is limited, so please take your trash home with you where possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Info Regarding Photos & Audio/Visual Recording

Harbour Concerts & Shiroyama Park Sessions

Photography, video and audio recording, and live streaming during these events is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be using recording equipment of any kind, including cameras, mobile phones and devices, audio recorders, etc, will be asked to hand over their equipment until the end of the concert and to delete any recordings. Please note that audience members who refuse to follow these rules or ignore staff instructions may be asked to leave the venue.


Photography, video and audio recording, and live streaming during workshops is strictly prohibited. After these events, you may take photographs with the instructor and the other participants, but please be considerate to others when doing so.

Fringe Performances

Photography, video and audio recording, and live streaming during Fringe Performances is permitted, but please make sure you do not obstruct anyone’s view or cause any disturbance to the performers or any members of the audience. The same guidelines apply for Special Fringe events featuring Kodo members. However, at the request of certain Fringe performers, photography, video and audio recording may be prohibited for their performance. Please follow the instructions given by staff at each location. Earth Celebration Committee accepts no responsibility for the usage of photographs or recordings of EC guests made by members of the public.

Photography & Filming by Official Photographers and Press

Earth Celebration Committee has official photographers capturing the festival for archival purposes, as well as for publicity and advertising for future EC events. Members of the press who apply in advance will also be taking photographs and covering the event. ・Official Photographer: Black armband reading “KODO” ・EC Committee Approved Press: Blue armband reading “Earth Celebration Press” There are occasions when audience members and participants at Harbour Concerts, workshops, and other locations will be photographed or filmed. Please note that some photographs by official photographers will be used by the EC Committee for publicity and advertising. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the photographer directly.

EC Photographers

Contact Information

Earth Celebration Committee Kodo Village, 148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado Island, Niigata 952-0611, Japan Tel. 0259-81-4100 (Mon–Fri, 9:30–17:00) EC Inquiries Form



Earth Celebration 2024

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