Let’s enjoy free Wi-Fi during the Earth Celebration!

Let’s enjoy free Wi-Fi during the Earth Celebration!

With the Sado City public wireless LAN service, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi at 10 different locations on the Island.

Please download the “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” application and register to be able to connect to the free Wi-Fi. This application also lets you connect easily to Wi-Fi at major stations, airports, convenience stores, sightseeing spots and many other places throughout Japan.
You only need to register once to be able to access Wi-Fi at all the different locations.

Please install the application at the bottom of this page or sign up with your e-mail address or SNS account.

Areas available in Sado city
– Sado Kisen Ryotsu Port
– Onogame
– Historic Site Sado Kinzan Gold Mine
– Kitazawa Flotation Plant
– Senkakuwan Ageshima Yuen
– Toki Forest Park
– Myosenji Temple
– Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park
– Sado Kisen Ogi Port
– Shukunegi

Other available areas in Japan

* This mark shows a landmark

Supported languages
English / 日本語 / 中文(简・繁)/한국어 / ภาษาไทย / Bahasa Indonesia / Melayu / français / español / Deutsch / italiano / русский / Português / Tiếng Việt / Tagalog



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